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Potato News #2

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Amazing, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Amazing

    Amazing Member

    Jun 21, 2017
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    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the second potato news!

    I wrote up this announcement thread a few days ago, but it was deleted accidentally and I didn't have it saved :( So I apologize for the delay on this update post.

    Black Market

    The Black Market is a Vendor that spawns in the wilderness at a random location every 6 hours.
    This vendor sells rare items that are typically extremely hard, or impossible to obtain.
    You can use /blackmarket in-game to see when it next spawns, or to see its location when spawned.

    The Black Market currently sells the following items (prices included):
    • Iron Golem Spawner | $7,000,000
    • Enderman Spawner | $4,000,000
    • Creeper Spawner | $3,000,000
    • Zombie Pigman Spawner | $3,000,000
    • Silk Touch Enchanted Book | $100,000
    • Mending Enchanted Book | $100,000
    • Infinity Enchanted Book | $75,000
    • Beacon | $3,000,000
    • Dragon Head | $150,000
    • Creeper Head | $50,000
    • Zombie Head | $50,000
    • Skeleton Head | $50,000
    • Elytra | $75,000
    • God Apple | $20,000
    Things will be added to the black market on a regular basis, feel free to suggest additions!

    EXP Level Storage

    You can now use the /bottle command to store your EXP Levels!
    Once you use the command, you will receive a bottle with whatever amount of levels you stored inside of it. You can right click the bottle at any time to consume levels again.

    This feature could be used for the following reasons:
    • If you're worried about losing your EXP Levels while pvping.
    • To give EXP Levels to your friend.
    • To sell or trade EXP Levels for other items/in-game money.

    NOTE: You must have atleast 60 Levels to use this command.

    Item Filter

    You can now use the /itemfilter command to choose what you pick up while mining!

    Who doesn't hate picking up dirt, stone, gravel and all that other useless stuff while mining? Well this command puts you in control of what you pick up!

    Just use the /itemfilter command in-game, and choose whichever items you want to exclusively pick up.

    You can disable all of your filters at any time by clicking the enderpearl icon in the /itemfilter menu.

    Chest Locking

    This feature was highly suggested since we've opened, and we have now finally added it!

    You can now lock your chests, so only you can access them, even if someone else has access to your claim.

    To lock your chests, just right click any chest with a sign in your hand. It's that easy!

    You can break the sign at any time if you no longer want that chest to be locked.

    Store Additions

    Here is a list of everything we have added to our store recently!
    • Iron Golem Spawner
    • Enderman Spawner
    • Parrot Spawner
    • OP Axe
    • OP Shovel
    • Advanced Farmer Kit
    • Advanced Potions Kit
    • Basic Potions Kit
    • Command: /rename
    We still have a 75% off sale running, so take advantage of that while you can!

    Small Change Log

    Here is a list of the small changes we have made over the last week or so:
    • Added the /sit command.
    • Added the /lay command.
    • Added hostile mob stacking to help reduce lag.
    • Added a friend system. (/friend)
    • World borders have been set to help reduce lag. (250k overworld, 150k nether & end)
    • Cooldowns on /heal & /feed reduced to 5 minutes
    • PvP is now disabled in the nether during a boss fight.
    • You can now type [item] in chat while holding an item to display its enchants & name.
    • @BoycotMC has been promoted to Moderator.
    • @Bobbysix6 has been promoted to Helper.
    • @Fescht has been promoted to Helper.
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  2. Queen_Infinity

    Queen_Infinity New Member

    Jun 28, 2017
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    Woo my suggestion was implied!
  3. Krupin

    Krupin Member

    Jul 5, 2017
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    I would recommend adding a villager spawner to the blackmarket. We can't breed villagers so it is a nice alternative
  4. SpinningWorld

    SpinningWorld Member

    Jul 2, 2017
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    Nice job to all staff who were promoted :)
  5. Bruv569

    Bruv569 Guest

    All really good additions, keep up the good work! :D
  6. JCrafty0880

    JCrafty0880 New Member

    Jul 24, 2017
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    I’m sorry I will never lie again I want you to know I was really doing good on that server till the duping guys came then when he gave me all the keys I got really selfish keeping them and not telling you so

    Please unban me , my cousin will be really mad at me because that was the one server that she likes

    And that I like so please unban me , BY JCrafty0880 FYI I DON’T CHEAT<HACK OR ANYTHING
  7. Drowninq

    Drowninq New Member

    Jun 25, 2017
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  8. RobotX

    RobotX Member

    Jun 27, 2017
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    Add knockback IV stick on /blackmarket

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